Our Olive

Of all the varieties of olive trees grown in Montefrío, where there are many secular olive trees, there is one main group, because of its greater diffusion, composed of: PICUAL, PICUDO Y HOJIBLANCO, and another less common group, but of great importance, for its influence in the improvement of the quality of the oil, constituted by the varieties: CHORREAO DE MONTEFRIO, BLANQUILLO, MANZANILLO, CARRASCO, GUITOSO, ALOREÑO, BLANQUILLO MENUDO, MANTECOSO AND CORTIJUELO. The former are dominant varieties in the neighboring regions of Granada, Córdoba and Jaén provinces, while the others are very old cultivated varieties, some indigenous to Montefrío.

In terms of its oil, the blend of varieties makes Montefrío Extra extra virgin olive oil very balanced in terms of taste and excellent organoleptic qualities. It is increasingly appreciated and demanded by consumers.